Ecclis offers a unique “one click” Sales Solution, making online selling and buying convenient and efficient.

Direct to Customer fulfilment Solutions

Ecclis offers a SAAS Solution for a fully integrated fulfilment platform. By combining Sales capture, payment solutions, Customer service, Stock management and Finance reporting, you are ready to go.

Sales conversion from any online- or social platform

Ecclis DtCS Buying buttons make is possible to covert offers into sales via almost any online or Social platform, without the need of web shop software.

Have your customers order products with only one click

Ecclis offers the option to have your customers order products with only one Click from almost any digital or print medium. You can make indiviualized and mass offers.


Facebook has several functions which allows products to be presented and promoted. Ecclis makes it possible for consumers to order a product or offer by one single click.

You only have to add a simple hyperlink to your message and the Ecclis platform takes care of capturing the order, payment and fulfilment.

Visit our Facebook page and see how easy it works.


Turn your Web Site into a Web Shop in just a few minutes:


Yes, this is possible with the Ecclis DtCS solutions. See how this works by ordering your free of charge information Box or visit to see all DtCS conversion tools.

Shoppable Video

Using video to promote your product or brand is very powerful.  Ecclis conversion tools allow you to add a simple link to your video which allows to directly buy a product without the need of a web shop.


DtCS Solutions for Twitter

Use a short link to directy sell products without the need for additional Web Shop software


Use Whatsapp to recieve requests and send a personal offer

You can also use Whatsapp to recieve requests for products, formulate a customer specific order, and send this proposal back as a Whatapp message. The offer can contain multiple products with specific prices. You can also set a specific end date untill which this offer will be valid.

(click on the image to simulate the box transaction)

Direct conversion using WhatsApp messages

(Click on the link to see what happens!)

The prices and information in this link are secured and can’t be changed. This will prevent potential fraud.

Use your Web Site as Web Shop

The Ecclis “buying buttons” allow you to sell products in one click directly from a web site, without the need for any Web shop or Payment functionalities.

Just add a button with a hyperlink to your offer and start selling!

Turn your WordPress Site into a Web Shop in just a few minutes!

Price € 3,99 incl. Tax

Buy more, pay less!

3 units = 10% discount | 6 units = 20% discount

This price is valid until 31-12-2019

(Example, no actual purchase wil be done)


Direct conversion using QR codes or NFC chips for Outdoor media

By scanning the NFC- or QR code, products can be directly added to the buyers personal Shopping Box.

Try and scan the QR code


Realtime data on outdoor performance

Additional to the direct conversion you also gain real-time inside on how your outdoor campaigns are performing. You can analyse your exposure with Google analytics and gain important marketing and sales information.


Download our White Paper on Direct to Customer Sales Solutions and the impact of DTCS for your Business.


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